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 May We All Rest In Peace... A Message To Everyone...

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PostSubject: May We All Rest In Peace... A Message To Everyone...   Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:43 pm

Everyone around me, well, almost everyone,
Looks as happy as can be.
But think about it, life won't last forever,
That's a guarantee.
So take things seriously,
Don't act like life is never going to end.
Go tell that special person that you love them,
And that they are your very best friend.
Listen to sad music,
Even if you're happier than anyone in the world.
And go around hugging everyone,
Because when you die everyone's world will be unfurled.

Iím not trying to make you depressed,
I just thought it was about time you knew.
That when you hurt people and tear their hearts out,
It affects them more than you may have meant it to.
And even if one of your truest friends,
Does something that you think is unforgivable.
They may not show it but they are hurting,
And they will know what they did was unfixable.
Two friends fighting doesnít only hurt them two,
But it will hurt everyone else and theyíll all be wincing.
So forgive that person and move along,
No matter how unconvincing.
This isnít just a poem,
This is a message for everyone reading this.
Move on with life seriously,
And donít take the time to reminisce.
So, the less time you spend thinking about depressing things,
Truly your depression will increase.
So, I say this sincerely to all you readers,
May We All Rest In Peace.

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PostSubject: Re: May We All Rest In Peace... A Message To Everyone...   Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:12 pm

Britt that message is awsome...
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May We All Rest In Peace... A Message To Everyone...
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