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 Suicidal Lullaby

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Suicidal Lullaby Empty
PostSubject: Suicidal Lullaby   Suicidal Lullaby EmptyThu Mar 13, 2008 8:51 pm

In her bed is where she lies
And she lies there with tears falling from her eyes
They fall like acid rain
Yet nobody sees her pain
Isn't there anyone, to help her shake,
The pain that causes her a smile she has to fake
So she gets up every morning and pretends to be happy
All that seems to be left of who is she is who she pretends to be
Yet nobody sees
How broken she is deep down inside
The tears she has to hide
And wakes up in the morning and and tapes a smile on her face
And when she she lies alone at night she rips it off feeling like a big mistake
Because she crys and doesn't tell any one
Because she's afraid of pity ruining the others fun
And every day her pain grows deeper with the bullet of a gun
Her heart sinking under dirty water
If only there was someone to help her
But now it's too late
And we cannot erase
What time has brought to this dear sweet a girl
And she thought she never meant a thing to anyone in the world
The pain she held with in her locked up in a cage
Never to show the world, how did she become this way?
Then that night, it became to much for her to bare
She had to get rid of the heart ache she always had to wear
So she closes her bedroom, door and bolts the lock
Her hour glass ticking like a clock
She chained her self to her bed
Feeling her blood rush to her head
She was ready to end the pain
She was sick of always feeling the same
She gets out a knife, she carves out her heart
Her eyes cold and black, she's falling apart
She hits the hard floor, skin pale as can be
As she feels her self, barley able to breathe
So she let's out one last shrill cry
A dead and cold Suicidal Lullaby
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Suicidal Lullaby
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