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 I dont know what to call it[but it has meaning please read]

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PostSubject: I dont know what to call it[but it has meaning please read]   Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:19 pm

You say your getting better
yet everything is worse then before
you think you doing the right thing
but everything wrong is instore

you say that you should scream at them
cause a fight you know
you know that is just makes things worse
beyond all our control

you think you know the future
yet you dont know the past
you think that all it good for sure
but nothing seems to last

You dont listen as we try to help
and everything turn to dust
you yell and scream and cry for us to stop
thinking that we must

You say forgiveness never comes
and we try to convince you otherwise
you dont sit back and take the help
thinking we fill you up with lies

You want to try and care about us
but you seem to not realize
nothing is right between us all
thats why we critisize

You find a way to deal with it
but nothing is the same
You know that nothing is right anymore
its all a single game...
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I dont know what to call it[but it has meaning please read]
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