Let's try to get Wic-Witch going again. [=
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PostSubject: untitled   Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:15 am

What has the world become?
Our emotions have gone so numb!
What do we do now?
How much pain can one life allow?
Our lives slowly fall apart
And we try to find a new start!

Will someone please help to understand?
When did hate become a demand?
What have we done to those who care?
It's all just so unfair!
We can't continue this much longer!
It wont make us stronger!

I miss how when you walked down the street
you didnt have to worry about being beat.
I miss how you could be friends with anyone!
How you never had to worry if they had a gun!
I miss how we could live without suicide!
When we didnt dwell so much on those who died!

What has this earth come to?
Is there anyway it can renew?
We are ruining our lives
with all the guns and knives!
What can we do to help make things better?
Don't leave it in a suicide letter!

So many things we can do!
To give our lives a new debut!
The world is getting smaller by each hour.
Technology is only made to devour
the human mind!
Someone needs to fix this terrible way!
And get the good here to stay!
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