Let's try to get Wic-Witch going again. [=
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[**hyper white chick**]

[**hyper white chick**]

Number of posts : 26
Age : 25
Location : In my house and happier than ever!!!
Job/hobbies : talking to ppl, hanging with guys, rough housing, hanging with my bf!
Humor : I have a GREAT humor...no one wants to admit it though.
Registration date : 2008-02-18

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Character Name: Dorinda
Race: Vampire
Rank: Serf

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PostSubject: URGH!!!!!!!!!!   URGH!!!!!!!!!! EmptySun Aug 17, 2008 1:15 am

I hate her with a *fucking strong passion! She *fucking started *shit with me in person today!!! I wish she would have gone ahead and *fucking hit me! Cause if she had hit me I could have beat the *shit out of her!!! URGH!!!!!!!!! Then after Korie was hanging out with us, she had to turn around and *fucking make him take her home so he couldn't hang out with us anymore!!! I hope she gets yelled at by her mom alot, and *fucking is hated by everyone in the world!!! She is such a liar!!! The people who didn't like her still don't like her!!! And she twists her lies all around!!! If you are gonna *fucking like to me, keep it straight *dammit!!!
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Number of posts : 647
Age : 24
Location : Alabama again.
Job/hobbies : Mental disorders.
Humor : I'm a funny person when you're on my good side.
Registration date : 2007-10-15

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Character Name: Sephieres
Race: Fairy
Rank: Yeoman

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PostSubject: Re: URGH!!!!!!!!!!   URGH!!!!!!!!!! EmptyTue Aug 26, 2008 3:13 am

Sara I Didnt Start Anything That Night.
You Were The One Screaming To Taylor That You Wanted To Rip My Hair Out.
I Told You To Go Ahead.
And You Never Did.
I Wish I Had Hit You That Night As Well.
Not To Hurt You,
Because I Could Not Have Done That Even If I Wanted To.
I Wish I Had Just To See Your Reaction.
Just To Finnally Feel The Pain Physically That Im Suffering Emotionally.
Eww I Sound So Melodramatic.
I Didnt Make Kory Take Me Home.
He Offered.
And I Said I Dont Care.
And He Told Yall He Was Taking Me Home.
And Then We Left.
I Would Have Rathered He Had Stayed With Yall Anyways.
Im Already Hated By Everyone In The World Other Than A Few People.
Although They Probably Hate Me Too.
And If They Dont Now They Will Eventually.
I Dont Twist My Lies.
Because Half Of Them Arent Even Lies.
I Will Admit,
Certain Things I Tell You Are Lies.
But Not Everything.
I Know The People That Didnt Like Me Still Dont.
I Mean, That Ones Kind Of Obvious.
Thank You For Listening To My Explanations For Everything You've Said.
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Number of posts : 1005
Age : 24
Location : Junction Shitty, Kansas. [;
Job/hobbies : EVERYTHING! Hah!
Humor : Randomonium?
Registration date : 2007-10-09

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Character Name: Kihlahna (Kill-Ah-Nuh)
Race: Sorceress
Rank: Reeve

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PostSubject: Re: URGH!!!!!!!!!!   URGH!!!!!!!!!! EmptySat Aug 30, 2008 10:00 pm

I'm going to try to make this a happy convo.
Mer I don't hate you! ^-^
I love you! ^-^

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PostSubject: Re: URGH!!!!!!!!!!   URGH!!!!!!!!!! Empty

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