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 To Sara Ann Walantus::

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To Sara Ann Walantus:: Empty
PostSubject: To Sara Ann Walantus::   To Sara Ann Walantus:: EmptyMon Jan 26, 2009 1:36 pm

Sometimes when people fall apart,
It ends up breaking someoneís heart.
But when people are torn away,
Thereís no chance in convincing them to stay.
Friends get in fights and never talk.
Apologies are the key to the forsaken lock.
But what if the apologies never come?
Or does the friendship go numb?
So just because of some stupid guy,
Youíre going to tell me all I do is lie.
But all Iíve ever done was tell you the truth.
You left me crying in this booth.
I wish you could see what I really meant.
Please, let this just be another dent.
I donít think I could handle losing you forever.
Fighting with you isnít very clever.
But I guess we have to go through this.
So that later on our friendship can be bliss.
Sometimes I lay in bed and think of what I could've done better.
I write all my thoughts and feelings in a letter.
A letter that won't be sent away.
My dresser drawr under all my clothes is where it will stay.
You know everything about my life.
Like the things I used to do, where I hid my knife.
But I don't know what I did wrong.
I still love to listen to our song.
However you hate me now, that is clear.
Losing me used to be your greatest fear.
You call me shallow and say I don't care.
But who was the one that was always there?
Who was the one who hugged you while you cried?
Who was the one that comforted you while your mother lied?
I was there through all of these times.
And now I'm stuck writing about you in a rhyme.
But I can't see how we fell apart.
All this screaming has broken my heart.
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To Sara Ann Walantus::
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