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 Neglected and In Chains[Chapter One]

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Neglected and In Chains[Chapter One] Empty
PostSubject: Neglected and In Chains[Chapter One]   Neglected and In Chains[Chapter One] EmptyWed Nov 28, 2007 11:32 pm

Hannah Howel slowly walked down an allyway. She was sure she heard it. The low scratching of claws or nails dragging slowly across the ground. She injuried him just hours....the thoughts of death were severe in her head for this one, but it apperantly didn't end that way. She turned around and hastly placed her back against the wall...nothing was moving...a low scratch...but everything was still. She reached for her gun...but it wasn't with her this time.
"Shit you cant be serious."She began cursing under her breath. The scratching got louder and she looked franticly for her gun around. Finding a club, she was only partially armed. But she forgot about the sword hanging from her back. The scratching got louder as if right next to her. She heard heavy breathing and felt the hot air on her neck. Turning around so fast...she noticed nothing was there. Standing dumbstuck, something dug into her side. Long dark nails.
"Arrrgggg!!!!"She screamed turning around so fast it was as if she never moved from that spot.Raising the club to Lycn, she swung but the Lycn grabbed it first. Pulling it away and crushing it with its strenghth.Hannah was SOL and had nothing. When she felt something swing on her back.
The Lycns grab was sinking deeper with every bit of movement.Shifting her weight, Hannah elbowed the Lycn in the face causing it to let go. Swing back around and flipping out of its reach. She pulled out both swords. She crouched her way into combat. It went on for hours.
Dragging herself from the shadows to check her wounds, Hannah had defeated the Lycn for now. REaching for her cellphone she called up Brian and told him to come get her at Allyson BL. Awaiting Brian to get there she examianed her side. Untied the back of her black corset, Hannah cursed loudly finding out that the filthy creature drew blood. Brian pulled up as Hannah began tying it back up.
"You okay Hannah, you look like you just got jumped by a crew of Lycns."He flashed those vampire teeth at her and she flashed hers back.
"Brian....Brian...Brian, Brian."She smile harder."You know me to well"
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Neglected and In Chains[Chapter One]
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