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 Neglected and in Chains[Chapter 2]

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PostSubject: Neglected and in Chains[Chapter 2]   Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:28 am

"So what was it this time?A baby...something big??"Brian was being his usual nosy self.Hannah could stand him most days, but at others she could barely stand him at all."Neither...it was inbetween. But it was faster and stronger then most lycns. It's as if it was geneticly altered with a vampire. As if if was a hybrid."Hannahs smoky eyes datred to the side..."Brain what the hell was that!!!???"Hannah looked happy but frightened at the same time. But something was dragging itself across the ground. She knew it was a vampire, her teeth were shining in the moonlight."Brian stop the car!!!"
"Hannah why its just a girl she cant hurt us."
"Brian i said stop this darn car NOW!!!"He still had a refusual, so hannah kicked the door causing it to open autimatically and dive out of the car....Brian skidded to a stop...rolling his eyes and climbing out of the car.
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Neglected and in Chains[Chapter 2]
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